2018 TRSr SL Crankset User Manual

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    Cody Remaklus

    Am I missing something? Brand new 2018 YT Jeffsey Race - TRS carbon cranks

    I removed the 10mm and 8mm allen lugs from the drive side and the cranks wont budge. They wont come off. What do I do?

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    I'm having the same problem as Cody. TRSr SL cranks. I have tried with the 10mm lug removed and with it in place per the instructions. When following the instructions of not removing the 10mm lug and just loosening the 8mm lug, I get nothing. I even lightly tapped on the back side of the chain ring with no results. What is to be done?

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    Sorry to hear you both have had issues trying to remove your TRSr or TRSr SL cranks. All our cranks for 2018 use a built in self-extractor to make maintenance and removal easier. You are not to remove or tamper with the 10mm hex bolt. If you have taken the 10mm hex bolt out you will need to lightly grease the inside and apply some red (high strength) loc-tite and re-torque it back into the crank arm and let is sit.

    To remove the cranks all you need is an 8mm hex key. You insert that into the crank and loosen. You will feel it start to bind. Keep turning until the crank arm comes off. Please visit step 8 of the following "how to" guide.


    If you are still having some issues please call or visit your local shop.


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